Legal translation

Legal translation consists of the translation of documents that are written in legal terms, they are not necessarily always official documents. They are complex translations because of the opacity of ’legalese’ and the responsibility implied in such a service. That’s why Connecting Translations works with translators specialised in Law, who have a long career behind them.

They work with specialised dictionaries and with legal terminology databases approved by international bodies such as the European Union. Our translators have experience working with Spanish legislation in addition to their native country’s legal system, and they understand the social conventions associated with this field and the common layout of every document they translate.

A bad translation in this area can result in not only the loss of a good business, but legal problems, so contracting a professional legal translation service is essential.

We offer translations for the following documents:

- Contracts and agreements
- Powers of attorney
- Articles of association
- Reports
- Sentencing
- Decrees
- Reports
- Testaments
- Documents for foreigners
- Criminal records

These translations normally need to be certified by a Sworn Translator and Interpreter appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation. For further information, please take a look at our sworn translation service.

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