Subtitle translation

Subtitle translation is one of the most demanded services within the audiovisual sector due to its low cost in comparison with dubbing and because adding subtitles maintains the original interpretations of actors and actresses, something increasingly valued by spectators.

We carry out the entire subtitling process:

- Transcription: a native translator transcribes the video.
- Spotting: after that, a subtitle list with TC in and out is created.
- Translation: a specialised translator translates the subtitle list.
- Video editing: finally, we insert the subtitles into the video.

This process is difficult, so only professional translators specialised in subtitling who have experience with subtitling rules do it. They take into account the minimum and maximum time a subtitle can appear on screen, the maximum number of characters that a subtitle can have and the space that must be respected between subtitles so that the spectator has time to comfortably read them.

We are specialised in:

- Film subtitle translation
- Series and animated series subtitle translation
- Documentary subtitle translation
- Corporate video subtitle translation
- Interview subtitle translation
- Commercial video subtitle translation

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