Tourism translation

More than 82 million tourists visit Spain every year, so translation plays a very important role in this sector. Thousands of restaurants, hotels, travel agencies and tourist offices already enjoy this service which provides a boost to their economic activity. The most popular translation requests are for restaurant menus, tourist brochures and guides, scripts for promotional videos, web pages and forms.

Connecting Translations works with native translators specialised in tourism translation who know are experts in both their own culture and the Spanish culture, and are the perfect link between you and your potential clients.

They use different glossaries for each client, so your translations will always maintain your brand’s essence. Imagine there are two restaurants in Barcelona’s –city centre with similar menus, but which are slightly different. In this case, a translator specialised in tourism and hospitality would carry out the translations by using the same terminology for the two menus, but aware of the differentiations in meat cuts and the slightly different ingredients of the delicious sauces and desserts which are on offer to the thousands of tourists who will read those restaurant menus.

Remember that more than 72% of consumers prefer buying products or hiring services in their language, so tourist translation can increase your business’ number of potential clients and, in addition it gives the impression that your business in an international one.

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