Transcription consists of converting an audio or video file into a text file. For that, we work with native translators who transcribe audios or videos in their mother tongue.

There are two kinds of transcriptions:

- Literal transcription: we transcribe everything we listen to, including background noises, fillers, incomplete sentences, interjections, mistakes, etc.

- Clean transcription: we transcribe everything we listen to but omit the elements above-mentioned, as long as these omissions do not affect the discourse. This way, we produce a fluid transcription, with no errors, making it is easier to read.

Whatever kind of transcription you need, we can also add characters and TC to easily identify different interventions.

We offer the following transcription services for audios or videos:

- Transcription of court cases
- Transcription of interviews
- Transcription of meetings
- Transcription of conferences
- Transcription of press conferences

Additionally, if you need us to translate the text obtained from a transcription or create subtitles using that text, we can also help you.

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