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Translations crossing borders.

Globalisation has brought with it new communicative challenges for businesses:

  • Understanding texts written in another language.
  • Advising employees or clients on international operations.
  • Communicating with clients and co-workers from other countries.
  • Identifying and understanding cultural differences between countries.

When businesses confront these challenges, they tend to encounter the same common issues:

  • Translations carried out by amateurs to a low standard.
  • Translations using machine translation engines that have not been checked by a professional translator.
  • Translation errors caused by a lack of understanding of foreign cultures.

What you need:

  • Quality translations that allow you to do business and increase sales.
  • Translators and project managers that resolve issues.
  • Industry professionals with years of experience and specialised training who offer solutions.

Connecting Translations provides professional translation services in English, French, Spanish, Catalan, German, Italian, Portuguese, etc., being the first three languages the most commonly spoken languages in the world. If you are looking for a translation service offering quality and competitive prices, you have found it!

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Why Connecting Translations?

Connecting Translations is a network of freelance professional translators that has been founded on many years’ experience in translation project management.

Not only physical borders divide the different countries that make up our world, language and cultural borders also do. So, your best option is to leave your project in the hands of specialists in crossing borders.

¿What benefits do we offer?

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Professional translators

Connecting Translations works with professional native translators who translate into their mother tongue and are experts in both their culture and the culture of the source text, so the quality of your translation is guaranteed.

All translators have a degree in Translation Studies and are specialised in a specific field of knowledge, so your project will be assigned to a person who has proven work and theoretical experience in that subject.

We work with translation software, glossaries and translation memories that allow us to maintain terminological consistency throughout the text. In addition, we also work with QC programmes to guarantee the quality of our translations. As you can see, you are leaving your project in good hands.


Translation services

We are specialised in legal translation (general and sworn), audiovisual translation (scripts, subtitles and transcriptions) and tourist translation.

Legal translation

Translate legal documents such as contracts, powers of attorney, sentences, reports, etc. These documents contain difficult terms and sentences related to the field of Law, so the best option is to leave this task in the hands of professional translators.


Sworn translation

Official translation of legal or non-legal documents, such as academic transcripts. The person in charge of this service is a Sworn Translator and Interpreter appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.


Translation of subtitles

Translations cross borders and your corporate video can now be watched in any country in the world, increasing your company’s exposure. Subtitling is a widespread solution among companies as it is a cheaper option than dubbing.




Translation of scripts

Translate the script of your film, documentary, corporate video or any audiovisual creation that you want to dub into other languages.



the written text of the conversions you hear in videos or audios. These include lectures, sentencing, interviews, press conferences, documentaries, etc.


Tourist translation

The translation of tourist documents, such as a travel agency blog entries or informative brochures that can be found in tourist offices.


Translation of websites with WordPress

Do you have a website with WordPress and need it to be translated? Reach more potential customers and get more sales by speaking their language.




MT QUALITY Assessment

Have you used machine translation to translate your website, ecommerce, product or service description, etc. and you don't know if the quality of the translation is good? In our assessment session we analyse the quality of the translation and advise you.


The translation process


When you contact Connecting Translations, a project manager will ask you certain questions to understand exactly what you need and provide you a customised quote.
Once the characteristics of the project are clear, your project manager will prepare your customised quote and send it to you within 24 hours. The quote will include the amount to be paid for the project, the delivery date and the payment conditions.
When you confirm the quote, your project manager will prepare the files to be translated using our translation software and the translation will be assigned to a professional and specialised translator. During the translation stage, your project manager will resolve any doubts that the translator may have by following your instructions, as well as all your doubts.
When the translator finishes, he or she will send the translation to be reviewed, because four eyes are better than two, and once it is reviewed, it will be checked by our QC programme.
Finally, your project manager will send you the translation, and await your confirmation of the work carried out.

Here’s what our customers think of us.


They responded quickly and were very helpful and efficient in translating my university documents for my PhD homologation.
Thea Kozakis
Thea Kozakis
Como siempre trabajo bien hecho y muy rápido. Lo recomiendo 100%..Muy profesionales👏👏👏👏
Hemos trabajado con Tatiana en varios proyectos de traducción a inglés, francés, alemán y catalán y siempre nos ha dado un resultado perfecto en el tiempo solicitado, respondiendo de manera rápida ante cualquier consulta o petición. ¡Recomendable 100%!
Pinsapo Publicidad
Pinsapo Publicidad
Buen servicio y muy amable gracias
Excelente profesional
Unos profesionales muy atentos. Han respetado la entrega y me han ayudado en todas mi solicitudes. Repetiría sin duda. Gracias!
Francesco Ostinato
Francesco Ostinato
El trato es excepcional y son muy profesionales.
Fernando Godino
Fernando Godino
Un trabajo de calidad, impecable, profesional y un trato maravilloso. El mejor equipo. Mil gracias!!!!!
Con personas como Tatiana es un placer trabajar, una chica atenta, amable y muy involucrada en aportar valor y calidad a su trabajo. Sin duda alguna si quieres las cosas bien hechas tienes que contactar con ella.

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