Video translation

Connecting Translations is specialised in the translation of videos and is aware of how important the transmission of sensations is for this sector. That’s why Connecting Translations always works with specialised and native translators who have thorough and current experience with all the cultural aspects of their country. A translation ceases to be a translation when it transmits a reflection of the original version.

While translating, we bear in mind the techniques used in audiovisual translation, such as compensation, omission, equivalence or adaptation, among others, and we offer solutions for problems like cultural differences between countries. Moreover, when translating scripts, we pay special attention to lip and time synchronisation by following the time codes which appear on screen. We usually work with video and script, but if you only have the video, and no script, don’t worry, because we also offer transcription services.

Connecting Translations offers:

- Translation of documentaries
- Translation of films
- Translation of series and animated series
- Translation of corporate videos
- Translation of commercial videos
- Translation of theatre
- Translation of interviews

Whether you are an audiovisual production company, an advertising agency, an independent author or a growing company, Connecting Translations can help you.


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