Website translation services

Do you need website translation services? We are specialists in translating web content. We can work in three ways:

1. Translation plugin: if you have the WPML plugin, this is your solution, because it automatically identifies the translatable content and generates the web architecture in another language. We shall translate the following:

- The content of the site pages
- Blog posts
- The website menus
- Sidebars, banners, etc.
- URLs, tags, categories, etc.

2. Web file translation: export web files to one of these formats: .PO, .XLIFF or .XML, and we translate them.

3. Translation in Word: send us the texts of your website in Word and we will return them to you in the languages you need.

In the last two options, your website developer will need to create the new pages for the translated language and insert the translations to generate the version of your website in another language.

What advantages does this service offer?

- You'll reach more potential customers by speaking their language
- The translation of your website will be adapted to the local market
- You'll be able to increase your website traffic significantly
- By speaking your customers' language, you'll get more sales

Are you ready for the international market? Cross borders with experts in website translation services.


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